: Ukrainian football administration reminds political oligarchical clan - blogger

15:31 Jun. 24, 2016

Ukrainian football administration reminds political oligarchical clan - blogger

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Loss at Euro-2016 is a result of totally corrupted Urkaine's Football Federation (FFU)

What does political elite of the period of Viktor Yanukovych presidentship has in common with Ukrainian football? After devastating loss of Ukrainian national football team at Euro-2016 it has become obvious that contemporary sport officials think and act as if they were members of oligarchical clans.

After just two years of Yanukovych cadency the whole president team demonstrated undisguised dominancy, impunity, and total permissiveness. They managed to imprison their main political opponents, that is Yuliya Timoshenko and Yuri Lutsenko. They cynically mocked at their political counterparts from the high tribune of Verkhovna Rada and during various political TV shows, since each and every of them was aware there will be no punishment unless they are in power.

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When Ukrainian football team lost all three matches on Euro-2016, people seemed to have a kind of "déjà vu", this time the top management of Ukraine's Football Federation (FFU) replacing the fallen-into-disgrace politicians. 1,5 years newly appointed head coach of the national team was keen on promising to reform national football, bringing the desired victories to Ukraine, etc. As a result, Ukrainian sport gained a good deal of so called football "Yanukovych's" coping likewise their political namesakes.

First of all, should Seleznyov, a man working currently in the aggressor state represent Ukraine in Europe? In FFU's opinion, even without the Russia-hired player they have enough means to cheat both the fans and the journalists.

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The footballers are in need of immediate pleasure, therefore, the FFU organizes a charter for their wives. Whose money has been paid? It does not matter, since the fans are entitled to nothing more but shout "Viva Ukraine!" and witness how their homeland is being publicly disgraced.

The next task FFU got was to find a legal job for the son of Volodymyr Lashkul, one of the football officials previously accused of corruption. The only obstacle on the way is the absence of a suitable position that was in a while thought out. The aforementioned official's son was later hired as "a President's advisor on the issues of participation in the final tournament of Euro-2016".

The third point on agenda is making Andriy Shevchenko a member of the coach staff with further perspective to head the national team. To make the place free, Oleksandr Zavarov - a former head coach assistant - was immediately fired from his place.

Last but not least to mention is letting Anatoliy Tymoshchuk play the final minutes of the last match against Poland. In the end of the second period Ukraine was losing 0-1. what odes the head coach Fomenko do? Calls the only striker Roman Zozulya back replacing him instead with defensive midfielder Tymoshchuk. What should the fans have felt at that moment? All the emotions remained off-camera.

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After the final loss scoring no goal Mykhaylo Fomenko explains he let Tymoshchuk play "to demonstrate his humane position" towards the experienced player meaning actually he had to give him the chance to score his 144-th goal in the career. Russia-hired Seleznyov talked rudely to the journalists just after losing 0-2 to Norhtern Ireland.

Some other footballes explain the psychological atmosphere in the team was not that good to motivate to win. People earning up to 100,000 U.S. dollars a year (and some of them even more than 5 million U.S. dollars!) talk of psychological instability supposing those earning monthly 1,500 UAH will ever pardon them.

Now the next anticipated step is making Adnriy Shevchenko a head coach of Ukrainian national team. Some media have surely written numerous articles praising the striker and his achievements. The fans may express their discontent, but in a couple of weeks the information stir will calm down, and the fans will supposedly continue awaiting new victories shouting "Viva Ukraine!".

Football officials in turn should keep in mind nothing lasts forever. In case there are any doubts, they should ask Viktor Yanukovych.

This article originally appeared in Ukrainian at tsn.ua/Kostyantyn Andriyuk

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