: Ukrainian Olympic uniform presented in Kyiv
Sport18:10 Jul. 12, 2016

Ukrainian Olympic uniform presented in Kyiv

Ukrainian designer Andre Tan has been working over the project for nine months

Three weeks are left until the beginning of the Summer Olympic Games in Brazil. The main sport event of the season stars in Rio-de-Janeiro on August 5th. Ukrainian team will participate in the Olympics for the 6th time since Ukraine gained independence.

Famous Ukrainian designer Andre Tan elaborated the uniform for the delegation members. Coloured traditionally in blue and yellow, this time the clothing is set to be extremely patriotic and festive.

This is the daily uniform the sportsmen are supposed to perform in. Blue and yellow T-shirts and tracksuits with specially elaborated prints on it are produced on a factory close to Kyiv. Each and every detail here is handmade.

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And this outfit is for the gala show events. Traditional sport suits are replaced with classical trousers and white jackets, though without any ties. Women in turn may choose between yellow dresses and combinations of T-shirts and trousers. Whatever format to choose, it is the best uniform, says Ukrainian gymnast Anna Rizatdinova.

Ukrainian gymnast Anna Rizatdinova: "I like it very much. It is not only beautiful and trendy, but also very comfortable and inspiring. I hope it will encourage us all to struggle for the medals."


Ukrainian Olympic uniform presented in Kyiv (UNIAN Photo)

Andre Tan has been working over the project for nine months. At first the designer elaborated the sketches, then followed the thorough process of choosing the right fabric. Eventually discussing various models with the sportsmen themselves.

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Andre Tan, Ukrainian Designer: "Women are the most capricious, as usual. Imagine, nearly every female in our team tried to offer her own model of the uniform! But I managed to convince them their task is to win the medals, and I am supposed to do my working part."

Blue and yellow colours have accompanied our sport team from the very beginning. In 1996 in Atlanta the Ukrainians wore beige suits with blue and yellow ties and hats. In 2000 the Olympics took place in Sydney. Beige trousers are accompanied with blue jackets, and blue and white ties. 


Ukrainian Olympic uniform presented in Kyiv (UNIAN Photo) 

2004, Athens, Greece. Blue suits, checked ties, and white shirts, women wearing beige suits and carrying blue and yellow scarves. 2008, Beijing. the whole delegation wearing blue and yellow suits. 2012, London. Motley male shirts, white jackets, and national symbols everywhere.

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The head of Ukrainian Olympic Committee Serhiy Bubka says they wasted no single hryvnia from the state budget. Instead the uniform production was financed by a good deal of sponsors. Now, he adds, the Ukrainian sportsmen are to fulfill their task, that is to bring home as many awards, as possible. Preferably golden.

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