Ukrainian Paralympic team is going back home: Ukrainian Paralympic champions return home
Sport18:05 Sep. 21, 2016

Ukrainian Paralympic champions return home

Ukraine's team triumphed at this year's Rio Games obtaining overall 3rd place

With victory - back home. Today, the Paralympic team is returning home to Ukraine. Despite their arriving very late at night, it is expected hundreds of Ukrainians will greet the athletes in the airport.

109 world records, 3rd place for the first time in the history of our Paralympic team with 117 medals - that is the result of Ukrainian athletes at this year's Paralympics.

The family of Kateryna Istomina, Ukrainian Paralympic swimmer, is waiting for the champion and her gold medal. Showing Kateryna's previous medals, more than 80 of them are from Ukrainian championships with around 10 for international competitions, including a gold from London Paralympics 2012.

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When Kateryna Istomina was competing for gold, her mother sat in front of the TV with closed eyes.

"I didn't see how she finished. I only saw her crying. I couldn't watch her swimming, I was just praying".

Kateryna's brother is showing how his sister beat the Chinese and American swimmers gaining lead position.

In a different part of the city, the family of Dmytro Solovei, Ukrainian Paralympic judo athlete, has already started celebrating his silver medal. They started beforehand to be on time before his arrival.

"He is keeping himself fit. He doesn't eat cakes or any other fattening food".

You can see the last seconds of his match in this picture. The athletes with impaired vision grapple during their wrestling. After the gold at the previous Paralympic Games, Dmytro's younger sister and mom decided to sign up for judo classes.

The champion started taking judo professionally when he was 13. Two years later becoming a master of the sport.

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Both families are ready to meet their honored winners at the airport tonight. They even prepared posters to welcome Ukrainian athletes and coaches back home.

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