News from Ukraine: Ukrainian runner wins European tournament
Sport17:58 Jul. 13, 2016

Ukrainian runner wins European tournament

Pryschepa wins gold medal in 800 m distance in the Netherlands

Ukrainian athlete Nataliya Pryschepa wins the golden medal at the European Athletics Championship in Netherlands.

In less than two minutes she ran the 800 meters distance gaining Europe's best athlete title.

On returning home, Nataliya had hardly any time to accept the congratulations. One day later the whole sport delegation departed to Poland to get prepared for the upcoming Olympic Games in Brazil.

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The golden award Nataliya brought from Amsterdam is the only prize won by Ukrainian sportsmen. The coaches complain it is total disgrace and absolutely negative result. 21-year-old champion however is delighted, for it is her first major award. Nevertheless, the coaches say, the most important starts are ahead.

The athletics competition starts in Rio-de-Janeiro on August 12.

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