: Ukrainian swimmer wins gold at French Open Championships

16:17 Jul. 3, 2016

Ukrainian swimmer wins gold at French Open Championships

Ukrainian swimmer Andriy Hovorov (Getty Images)

Andriy Hovorov set some new records 

Ukrainian swimmer Andriy Hovorov earned the golden medal at the French Open Championships (Open de France).

Hovorov brilliantly performed and won the 50-metre butterfly distance, scoring 22.69 and setting some new records - for Ukraine, for the competition and for the world.

Besides, he became the first in the world to win this distance in textile athletic shorts.

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"This is another record for Ukraine and for the competition, as well as the world's best result (for swimming) in textile shorts", wrote the 24-year old Ukrainian swimmer on Instagram.

On July 3, Andriy will compete in the men's 50-metre crawl.

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A month ago, Hovorov was the best in the men's 50-metre butterfly racses, setting a tournament record at the final stage of Mare Nostrum prestigious series in Barcelona. Hovorov already owns the No. 1 time in the world for the 2015-16 season from his 22.73 at the European Championships. 


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