New sport victory: Ukrainian teen wins gold in world taekwondo championship
Sport16:25 Oct. 10, 2016

Ukrainian teen wins gold in world taekwondo championship

14-year-old Anna Borysenko brings Ukraine first taekwondo gold in a quarter of century

The first taekwondo gold in the last 25 years. 14-year-old Kyivan girl - Anna Borysenko - won the medal in the individual freestyle. The world championship was held in Peru and gathered a record number of competitors - almost 800 from 55 countries.

Here is her triumphant demonstration. Taekwondo is a Korean martial art, and with a freestyle programme an athlete needs to perform a certain set of moves with acrobatic elements. 

For Ann, taekwondo is a sport and a hobby at the same time. She dreams that it would become an Olympic discipline one day and she then would have new goals - and new wins.


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