: Ukrainian weighlifter deprived of Olympic bronze award
Sport19:10 Jul. 15, 2016

Ukrainian weighlifter deprived of Olympic bronze award

IOC in Lausanne to decide now whether to let Yuliya Kalyna perform in Olympic Games 2016 in Brazil

Ukraine is in the centre of doping scandal. The International Olympic Committee deprived the Ukrainian weightlifter Yuliya Kalyna of her bronze medal won in London in 2012. She is said to have used banned drugs four years ago. Recently the committee unsealed the results of the doping test that appeared to be positive. Now Kalyna may be forbidden to perform in the upcoming Olympics in Brazil.

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The whole team has already packed their suitcases to travel to Rio-de-Janeiro. The Olympic Committee in Lausanne is now to decide whether Yuliya will be able to join the delegation.

The coaches say Yuliya Kalyna was the major challenger for the golden award in her weight category. Last year in Georgian Tbilisi she lifted 132 kg and became the European champion. This year Kalyna was expecting to win the Olympic medal.

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In doping affairs there is no limitation period. Another Ukrainian weight-lifter Yuriy Bilonog was also accused of taking in banned drugs. Having won the Olympic Games in 2004 in Athens, 8 years later the International Olympic Committee ousted his medal. By that time the sportsman had already finished performing. Yuliya Kalyna still hopes she will not repeat the destiny of her compatriot.

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