Warm welcome for Olympic champion: Zhan Beleniuk returns home after winning silver at Rio Olympics
Sport18:44 Aug. 23, 2016

Zhan Beleniuk returns home after winning silver at Rio Olympics

Impressed by the warm welcome back at home, wrestler pledges to win gold at 2020 Olympics

Silver medal winning Olympian, Zhan Beleniuk, returns home after competing in the Men's Greco-Roman wrestling at Rio 2016. Dozens of fans gathered at Boryspil Airport for a chance to meet with the Olympian. Close to midnight, the plane with the Ukrainian champ made its landing. The wrestler gazed at the crowd searching for the proudest person that was there to meet him. That special someone was his mother.

Svitlana Beleniuk, mother of Zhan Beleniuk: "I am definitely not surprised. My son has been competing in sports since childhood, and we are used to such injustice in decision making. I know he is the best. The spectators have seen the rest themselves." 

The crowds greeted Zhan Beleniuk with an applause and a warm welcome home. The athlete does not show much emotion, he focuses most of his attention on getting ready for the next Olympic Games.

Zhan Beleniuk, Greco-Roman wrestler: "I am truly happy, having won an Olympic medal, I have been striving for this award for 16 years. A silver medal does not mean defeat; it just means next time I have to do more than what I did now"

Artur Dzigasov, head coach: "Our athletes have full potential, we can move forward and we shall move forward. The medals we've won are of great importance for Ukraine."

The athletes cannot wait to reunite with their families, a few more pictures with the fans, and the Olympic champs head home to finally rest.

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