New defense technology: Unveiling of the Ukrainian Army's top notch ‘Pelican' mobile radar system (photos)

15:13 Oct. 23, 2016

Unveiling of the Ukrainian Army's top notch ‘Pelican' mobile radar system (photos)

Ukrainian 79K6 'Pelican' radar system (by Defense Ministry of Ukraine)

First ‘Pelican' system passed field tests and has been adopted by Southern Air Command of Ukrainian Armed Forces

The newest development of Ukrainian defense industry – triple-grid mobile omnidirectional radar station with phased array 79K6 "Pelican" – performed its first field tasks during military drills "Frontier-2016" near Kyiv. Defense Ministry informs it's just the first of such systems to be received from the manufacturer and taken into service by Radio Technical battalion of Southern Air Command of Ukrainian Armed Forces.


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"Domestic machinery was tested in the heaviest of conditions. Initially, the radar crew made 120 kilometers march to a certain position. On the way they had to perform a recovery of the machines in case of failure: trucks on the march, and electronics after use of the radars. Then they practiced deployment and folding the station within certain time and tested its combat abilities," Defense Ministry reports.


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Ukrainian air defense officers highly appreciated this new device.

"The station is powerful and very easy to use. Our hope is quite justified," radar station commander Lieutenant Oleksiy Hurmach commented the field tests.


"During the exercise the crew of 79K6 "Pelican" radar showed very good  and clear results. The radar itself demonstrated reliability and outstanding technical performance. Immediately after the exercise the station will be put on combat duty to protect the airspace over the south of Ukraine," Radio-Technical Brigade command reported.

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