Innovative Economy and Science: Ukrainian scientists display unique inventions

19:07 Nov. 22, 2016

Ukrainian scientists display unique inventions

East European Forum "Innovative Economy and Science (UA Today/Emil Durov)

From military equipment to health apps: Ukrainians presented their start-up projects at East European forum "Innovative Economy and Science"

Ukrainian start-up developers gathered at the International Exhibition Center to capture attention of investors from Ukraine, Poland and China. Scientists presented their innovations at an organized Start-up Alley where the best national developments are being presented.  

Ukrainian pupils and students alongside mature and experienced scientists have presented their innovative projects at the exhibition. The National University of Aviation has displayed the device for secret service agents working in the military zones, "Trembita - Biss", which is ready for production. Developer of "Trembita - Biss" is a student from The National Aviation University, Danyleyko Olga.

The associate dean of the National University of Aviation, Kharchenko Volodymyr, says that there are many advanced students at the university who are capable of developing innovative devices, but there is a problem that Ukraine faces now - there is no opportunities for serial production. He says that any civilized country aims to develop and enhance production and it should become a key goal in Ukraine too. 

608xX"Trembita - Biss is a complex for acoustic instrument measurements, which allows estimation of ambiance in the combatant  zone. The ejection of a amunition round can be heard from 800 metres and it allows to accurately establish coordinates. The audibility is 10 times better than of the human ear. The innovation is already used in ATO zone in Eastern Ukraine and the university gets letters with the requests to send more of the innovative equipment. 


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The National Aviation University had also presented unmanned aviation systems. The creators say that there are six types of planes which are ready for mass production. 


The third prize winner of the scientific competition among pupils, "Future of Ukraine", 15-year-old lyceum student, Alexey Nakonechniy, created a hybrid of a towing device for diving and a radio control boat. The device is totally unmanned, thus it is able to do tasks on water without a presence of a man. The young inventor said that he has already found a sponsor for the project.




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What's noteworthy, the exhibition has presented devices for various applications which could improve the life of ordinary people. The International Scientific Center of Informational Technologies and Systems demonstrated their innovative start-up - an app which could prevent cardio diseases. The creators say that cardiovascular diseases are extremelly wide-spread and the best way to treat them is to prevent them. The presented device has no analogs - it is operated with a help of a smartphone. 



Before the inventors decided to create an app, their small device scanned fingertips and processed data with the help of computer. The device is known as fazagraph. The invention can present an ordinary electrocardiogram and the enhanced one, which provides additional details about the health of the user.


The mission of the event is the integration of the national intellectual potential and foreign experience into the innovational development of Ukraine. The exhibition aims to unite efforts of scientists and investors so the innovative market of Ukraine could emerge. Direct foreign investments in Ukraine has risen in 2016 and Ukrainian scientists now provide multiple platforms to invest in. 

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