World-famous astronomer Klim Churyumov dies at the age of 80: Internationally known Ukrainian astronomer Klim Churyumov dies at the age of 80

15:15 Oct. 16, 2016

Internationally known Ukrainian astronomer Klim Churyumov dies at the age of 80

Klim Churyumov (Photo:

His scientific legacy for the world: two comets discovered and named after him

On October 15, the world-famous Ukrainian scientist, astronomer, head of the Kyiv Planetarium and member of Ukraine's National Academy of Sciences Klim Churyumov died at the age of 80 while traveling to Kharkiv.

He is highly recognized in the scientific circles for discovering two comets – Churyumov-Gerasimenko and Churyumov-Solodovnikov.

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The first one was discovered back in 1969. Later, the scientist took part in designing the "Rosetta" mission for the comet's further investigation. For 10 years, the spacecraft had been chasing the comet and traveled 6 billion kilometers. In 2014, it approached the space body and sent down a probe "Philae" to successfully land on the comet for the first time in human history.

The mission officially finished examining the comet on September 30, this year. However, its results will be under thorough study for the next decade. 

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