Eastern Europe News: LitPolUkrBrig soldiers visit biggest Defense Expo in Eastern and Central Europe (Photo)

12:56 Sep. 8, 2016

LitPolUkrBrig soldiers visit biggest Defense Expo in Eastern and Central Europe (Photo)

Photo presented by Captain Oleksandr Gain, LITPOLUKRBRIG Public Information Officer

International Defense Industry Exhibition kicked off in Polish Kielce on September 6

Officers of joint brigade of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine (LitPolUkrBrig – UT) visited the International Defense Industry Exhibition in Polish Kielce on September 8.

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The soldiers observed modern and future-oriented exhibits, presented by more than 600 companies from 30 countries, including the US, China, Japan, Germany, the UK, Poland, Ukraine and many others.

‘The Defense industry aims to save soldiers' life, not damage surroundings but to suppress an aggressor. In LITPOLUKRBRIG we want our personnel to be ready to learn and use any outfit and arms our respective countries will have equipped us', stated Colonel Volodymyr Yudanov, the acting commander of Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade.

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While wandering across the whopping 27,000 square meter territory, the officers has an opportunity to take a look at the newest vehicles and weapons and share experience with partners from all over the world.

‘In LITPOLUKRBRIG we do not promote war, but make our efforts to be better trained and equipped to preserve peace whenever we will have been called to perform the operational duties', Lieutenant Colonel Eligijus Senulis said.

Lithuanian–Polish–Ukrainian Brigade was initially created in late 2009, but became operational in July 2015, after the defense ministers of the three countries signed the relevant agreement.

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The brigade, which consists of approximately 4,500 soldiers, has its HQ in Lublin, Poland. 

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