IT in Ukraine: Lviv IT Arena: Ukraine brings regular things to a new level
Tech&Science15:51 Oct. 3, 2016

Lviv IT Arena: Ukraine brings regular things to a new level

The IT conference that kicked off in Lviv features an exhibition of startups, made by Ukrainians

Cycling assistant system, smart doorbell or pixelated clock. Lviv IT Arena features an exhibition of startups, made by Ukrainians. Some of projects here are already selling, some are yet to be funded.

The car parked near the entrance to the conference is a prototype of Ukraine's first electric vehicle. Its design takes after the carriage; the car can transport up to six people. The giant front glass is there to let the people inside have a good view of the surroundings. 

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Polina Astapova, Lviv IT Arena Participant: It's driving range is about a hundred kilometers, with a speed of not more than sixty kilometers per hour, because it's developed for cities, small towns, like shuttle or a taxi. It was developed for Monte-Carlo specifically, for those people going to casino, from hotel to airport.

Another exhibit at the Arena is the remote sensitive gloves. It is developed to assist cyclist on the road. It's just a concept so far, but the developers are looking to attract investors. They predict that in a couple of months the project will hit the conveyers. 

Sergii Zabigailo, Lviv IT Arena Participant: We have radars which inform you if you have somebody in your blind spot, any car, any cycle, then you have messages on your gloves with vibration, if you have something on your left, then you have vibration on your left hand, you can do team communication, by moving your fingers to send messages back to them, we have heart rate monitoring, all this stuff, displayed on your smartphone. 

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This thing here is a smart doorbell. Whenever somebody rings it, the owner can see the person on the smartphone and even communicate with them. The device is already available for purchase. Developers claim it's so effective that crime went down by 55% in the areas where it has been sold. 

Kira Rudik, Lviv IT Arena Participant: Police department was looking at charts and they saw the crime level was going down tremendously. They thought there was something wrong with those charts. And then they started checking it out and they found out it was for the neighborhood where the ring was installed. 

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Here's another device that is supposed to make life easier. It is called LaMetric and is essentially a smart clock. It has been successfully funded on Kickstarter and is available now. 

Mykola Kirichuk, Lviv IT Arena Participant: It is connected to the Internet, to the smart house system, and can display lots of things, including Google analytics, likes on Facebook, Tweets and posts from the social media, weather and so on.

Inventors hope that investors that came for the Lviv IT Arena will pay attention to their projects.  They say, the tech industry in Ukraine is striving, but needs additional financial support in order to be successful. 


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