IT in Ukraine: Lviv IT Arena: Ukraine meets world's IT elite
Tech&Science15:26 Oct. 3, 2016

Lviv IT Arena: Ukraine meets world's IT elite

One of the biggest IT events in Europe kicks off in Lviv 

Lviv IT Arena. One of the biggest tech conferences in Central and Eastern Europe. Thousands of speakers and guests from all over the world have come to Ukraine to take part in the event. In order to give them all room the organizers have chosen a building as big as a football stadium.

Months of preparation and finally it kicks off. The conference features it all - exhibitions, startups, virtual reality projects and, of course, IT experts. Esther Dyson is a business woman and an investor from the US. She is often named one of the most influential figure in the industry. She also has advice for aspiring inventors. 

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Esther Dyson, Lviv IT Arena Participant: Think about something specific, don't be too grandiose, solve a real problem, that people will pay you for because they need your solution, the best market is when the government is not funding companies, but is buying their products because they work.

Speakers say, Ukraine's IT market constantly grows. It's a good place to look for an opportunity to invest, says Alexander Galitsky. He is known for his contribution to the development of the Russian tech industry. Mr. Galitsky has come to Ukraine from the Silicon Valley, where the main office of his company is located. 

Alexander Galitsky, Lviv IT Arena Participant: Ukrainians have a pretty good education, and education system in the Soviet times wasn't so bad, especially engineering, basic physics and math, giving an opportunity to Ukraine to be a leading country in IT. Even today, if we are speaking about a place where you can make custom-design software, Ukraine is listed number one in whole Europe. 

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While some guests are looking for companies to invest, others are here to share their experience in many spheres - software and hardware development, mastering programming languages, robotics, or design and user experience. 

Beverly May, Lviv IT Arena Participant: We are in a much more complex era than we used to be, we are in this interoperable world where we have things and devices, communicating with each other, and we have AR and VR, changing how we communicate in real time, so we need new approaches to design to solve for this complex systems that we are experiencing. 

Other experts go into details on how companies must keep up with the technologies if they don't want to lose the competition.  

Alejandro Danylyszyn, Lviv IT Arena Participant: When you are thinking about innovation, and you think about new technology that just came up, you always have to be thinking about, do I invest into improving my asset efficiency, my system transparency or my eco-system. If you choose not to act on anyone of those three layers, you are making a conscious decision to leave a room for somebody to act instead of you

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The idea behind the Lviv IT arena is to be a bridge between Ukraine and the world's IT industry. The organizers say, the technologies dominate almost every sphere in everyday life. That's why it's crucial to a part of this world. 

Andrew Pavliv, Lviv IT Arena Organizer: We want to be a platform for IT guys to meet with foreigners who come to the city and to create innovation here. For the city of Lviv to be a tech city, and for Ukraine to raise as a tech country, to raise a tech nation in Ukraine, so this is the mission. 

The mission has been successful so far. The event has seen an increase in participants since it was launched in 2014. The organizers hope, the conference will help the IT industry in Ukraine grow and develop. 

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