IT future: Media Hack Weekend 2016 features top digital 'minds' of Ukraine
Tech&Science19:16 Oct. 11, 2016

Media Hack Weekend 2016 features top digital 'minds' of Ukraine

Over 800 participants within 48 hours were looking for ways to unite technologies with media

For 2 days in Kyiv, IT and PR specialists were working together to create new projects and inventions. Hackathon is a platform for new acquaintances and realization of ideas. This year, a record number of participants came to the meeting - more than 800. 107 ideas were presented and 15 finalists were eventually chosen.

Though it's only the second event of this type, it is already the biggest in Ukraine and throughout post-Soviet countries.

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25 percent of participants are students, almost half of all IT professionals here have previous work experience, the rest are from the advertising industry.

Together with the projects and competitions, there are also lectures at the venue. Anyone who doesn't contribute on the inventions can study. Lecture topics are about virtual reality, marketing trends etc.

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At this stage, it is a presentation project of one of the Hackathon finalists. The smartphone application which is designed to help parents interest their children with eating nutritious meals.

Among other ideas - an app to calculate the number of squats, quests around cities, virtual fitting room and others.

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The first place was given to the application idea that is a money earner. Overall, 3 winners were selected. Everyone at the event was able to create a team for their idea to become a real project.

The only novelty participants would like to see at the next Hack weekend is a sleeping zone, so that they don't spend time going home and can sleep over at the venue.

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