Chornobyl disaster: New confinement for Chornobyl reactor moved in place (video)

12:18 Nov. 3, 2016

New confinement for Chornobyl reactor moved in place (video)

Constructing the confinement at Chornobyl nuclear plant (Source:

Watch the time-lapse video of an extremely complicated operation

After years of work, French company Novarka finishes constructing the new sarcophagus for ruined Chornobyl reactor No. 4. It is a dome 110 m high. It was assembled 300 m from the reactor itself - for the safety of workers. During the last several days the last stage of the project was realized: the dome was slowly moved into place to cover the radioactive ruins. 

Watch more Chornobyl shield moving to cover radioactive ruins

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), which is financing the project, describes the arch as the largest moveable land-based structure ever built. The new cover cost about EUR 1.5 billion to construct.

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On Tuesday, November 29, UT is visiting the power plant to take part in the ceremony of finishing the construction works. Follow us for more video and information.  

Learn more about the exclusion zone in UT special project 
Chornobyl Disaster: Ukraine's Sorrow


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