Ukraine's new weapon: New fast shooting remote weapon station introduced in Ukraine (video, photos)

14:39 Nov. 6, 2016

New fast shooting remote weapon station introduced in Ukraine (video, photos)

"Viy" remote combat module mounted on "Dozor-B" armored vehicle (Photos: UkrOboronProm)

"Viy" combat module's fire cycle totals 3,000 shots per minute or 50 per second

Kyiv Armored Vehicle Plant which is part of the state's largest weapon concern UkrOboronProm has presented a remote weapon station "Viy".

It can be mounted on armored infantry carriers, including "Dozor-B" military armored vehicle. Subsequently, the firing capabilities of such vehicles are greatly improved owing to the powerful and fast shooting armament. 

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"Viy" is designed to target and fire at a range of up to 2 kilometers whether it is manpower, military vehicles, ground facilities, or air targets up to 1 kilometer in the sky.

The module's operation is remote with a possibility of thermal vision aiming.  

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The major advantage is the high speed of firing. 23-mm cannon enables 3,000 shells a minute, or 50 shots a second. 

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