Ukraine's pride: One of a kind: Brazilians impressed with Ukrainian An-225 superplane

19:52 Nov. 15, 2016

One of a kind: Brazilians impressed with Ukrainian An-225 superplane

Indian look at the one of the world largest aircraft AN-225 Mriya (AP photo)

The world's largest plane returns to Brazil after six years and impresses everyone, the Airway outlet reports on Tuesday. 

The Antonov AN-225 , the largest aircraft in the world, landed on Monday morning at the Viracopos Airport in Campinas. This was the first time the giant went through the terminal of Campina Grande bringing heavy industrial equipment.

On the ramp, the Antonov made other jets look small, as an Embraer 195 which was near the "Mriya" AN-225 name, which means "dream" in Ukrainian.

The AN-225 that landed in Viracopos is the only aircraft of this type that exists in the world, the Brazilian outlet says. The prices for its services start at about USD 300,000.  The aircraft is so big that trucks entering the reverse inside, to facilitate loading and unloading. The Mriya can be loaded with up to 250 tonnes of cargo.

According to manufacturer's data, the AN-225 can fly at a maximum speed of up to 800 km/h. When carrying 200 tonnes of cargo, it can fly 4,000 km on one hop. In the configuration with maximum fuel capacity - the tanks Mriya has room for 300 tonnes - the jet can travel up to 15,400 kilometres.

It was developed in the 80s as a high-capacity version of the already impressive AN-124 Ruslan, four engines. The goal was to have an aircraft capable of transporting the Buran, the Soviet space shuttle that has only had two flights to space. When the Soviet Union collapsed in the early '90s, the Antonov decided to use the giant fleet in partnership with special cargo transport companies. 

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The AN-225 then turned the company's star and travels the world collecting records, the outlet notes. 

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