: Quadcopter competition flies over obstacles in Dnipro

19:12 Jun. 7, 2016

Quadcopter competition flies over obstacles in Dnipro

Ukraine-made quadcopters (UNIAN Photo)

Inventors compete for a special grant to help build more drones

An obstacle course for quadcopters. And, not all of these drones can actually tackle it.

The term drone actually applies to all unmanned aircraft... but quadcopter enthusiasts are very protective of the identity of their favourite flying object. Quadcopters use four engines, lifting off with the help of the propellers.

It's easy to spot the quadcopter pilots among the audience.

The large eyeglasses are a dead giveaway. Oleksandr Lytvyn says it makes him feel as if he is truly flying a plane.

Oleksandr Lytvyn, competitor: 'I can see the flight path but it's slightly delayed. I run everything firsthand, as if I'm in the cockpit of an actual airplane.'

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Lytvyn built his quadcopter by himself, all of the details and software from scratch. And he isn't the only one here. Among those competing in this obstacle course are self-made, custom-made and even mass-manufactured drones. 


Nazar Marchenko, competitor: "Two engines, that create movement and another engine that lifts and lowers the canister that raises the opponent."

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The youngest quadcopter pilot here is just six years old. The oldest - sixty. The actual obstacle course is a part of a competition for speed, strength and most importantly usefulness. Those dubbed the best quadcopter creators got financial grants to continue and improve their inventions.

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