Ukraine's legendary Antonov: Renovated Ukrainian aircraft An-22 heading to Switzerland (photos, video)
Tech&Science17:40 Sep. 9, 2016

Renovated Ukrainian aircraft An-22 heading to Switzerland (photos, video)

'Antonov' airplane manufacturing company already receives a lot of purchasing orders for the plane

A famous heavy military transport airplane An-22 'Antei', powered by world's largest turboprop engines retired from service 8 years ago and was tugged away to a plane boneyard.

Last year, Ukraine's airplane manufacturing company 'Antonov' decided to restore it. The aircraft was not only repaired, but upgraded.

And this time, it will be loaded up with 25-ton electronic equipment in Zurich, Switzerland. The cargo must be delivered to the United Arab Emirates.

Oleksandr Hrytsenko, General Director of Antonov Airlines: "We receive a lot of purchasing orders for this airplane. We are processing them. The first flight doesn't mean it will directly return home. I think there will be its continuous use".

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