: Solar energy helps keep Chernivtsi pool running all-year-long
Tech&Science14:58 May. 21, 2016

Solar energy helps keep Chernivtsi pool running all-year-long

Local pre-school pioneers in major environmentally-friendly heating campaign

Solar energy is gaining popularity when it comes to heating buildings in Ukraine. In the town of Chernivtsi, water at one of local nursery schools gets warmed up with the help of sun's rays.

Children who attend this pre-school love to play in the pool. The water here is always warm, thanks to one of the panels that were installed here last year. The environmentally friendly heating was purchased with financial help of the European fund.

There are several swimming lessons here during the day and after school hours see swimming competitions for teens and adults. This is the only pre-school with a swimming pool in Chernivtsi.

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In the past, swimming classes and games could only take place during the heating season, but now with the installation of the solar panel, the activities take place here all year long.

Nina Luchyshyna, pre-school Vice Principal: "The water runs from above, gets heated right here. From there it flows into the pool and showers. If there is too much hot water, it gets used in the kitchen."

The solar panels cost over USD 30,000. Half of the price was covered by local authorities, the other half was granded as part of an energy saving project financed by the German government.

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Oleksiy Kaspruk, Chernivtsi Mayor: "The panel was installed about half a year ago, and now we can see real results when it comes to its usage. Currently, we've saved about USD 6,000."

The mayor added, Chernivtsi city administration plans to restructure heating systems in more than 30 schools and pre-schools across the city.

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