An-225 Mriya: Ukraine's king of the skies up close – UT exclusive

14:40 Oct. 15, 2016

Ukraine's king of the skies up close – UT exclusive

An-225 Mriya

Ukraine Today presents unique photos of the world's biggest plane, An-225 Mriya

When we were given the chance to see the biggest plane in the world up close and personal, and even stepping inside, we just couldn't say no.

An-225 Mriya, manufactured by Ukrainian state-owned Antonov enterprise back in 1988, has made quite a bit of noise in the world as of late.

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The strategic airlift cargo aircraft, powered by six turbofan engines, is the longest and heaviest airplane ever built, with a maximum takeoff weight of 640 tons.

Its popularity peaked when the flying giant conducted its first flight to Australia's Perth, making stops in Turkmenistan, India and Malaysia on the way to refuel.

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Thousands of people in Australia watched in awe as the plane touched down a hundred of meters away from them.

The campaign was a showoff as Antonov not only successfully promoted Mriya itself, but also let the world see that the enterprise is open to cooperation, piquing interest of companies around the world.

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On August 30 Antonov announced it struck a deal with Aerospace Industry Corporation of China to complete the world's second example of the An-225 Mriya aircraft and launch the large-scale Antonov-licensed manufacture of the said model in China.

But for now the model, presented below, remains the single example built so far. See for yourself what makes that plane so special! 

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