: Ukraine's President aspires to revive aerospace industry

18:38 May. 31, 2016

Ukraine's President aspires to revive aerospace industry

AN-225 Mriya (UNIAN Photo)

Poroshenko suggests production of Antonov's AN-225 Mriya and AN-70 will be resumed soon

The second batch of Antonov AN-225 Mriya and AN-70 jets may soon be in the works.

According to Ukraine's President, he is exploring the possibility of additional aircraft manufacturing once everything is examined and properly assessed.

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In an address during the 70th anniversary of the Antonov (Ukraine's state-owned aircraft manufacturer) company Poroshenko said: "Today we saw the capacity to build another Mriya and AN-70 planes. I give a task: to estimate all possibilities [of completion], thoroughly investigate the market and report to me", Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko stated.

Ukrainian President also mentioned that the country's air force will also be re-equipped with additional jets made by Antonov. Poroshenko added that Ukrainian-made planes are back in high-demand.

"We finally signed contracts on supplying Ukrainian planes to Saudi Arabia. We eventually agreed with the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev that Azerbaijan will buy Ukrainian Antonov aircrafts. And Ukraine's Defence Ministry first time in years orders Antonov airplanes as well", Ukraine's President emphasized.

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On May 30, Ukrainian state-owned jet manufacturing company 'Antonov' held an official ceremony showcasing its restored world's first wide-body aircraft AN-22 'Antaeus' originally built back in 1964.


AN-70 jet (UNIAN Photo)

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