: Ukraine student wins silver for her revolutionary invention in the Netherlands

17:40 Jun. 14, 2016

Ukraine student wins silver for her revolutionary invention in the Netherlands

Kateryna Malkina, photo courtesy - 0629.com.ua

Kateryna Malkina presents her method of recycling polyethylene 

Kateryna Malkina, student of Ukraine's Mariupol technical college, proposed a solution to the problem of recycling plastic waste by using beetle larvae, according to news outlet Pedahohychna Presa (Educational Media).

The 14-year-old Ukrainian girl won silver at the Eighth International Environment Scientific Project Olympiad in the Netherlands for her research project that solves a problem of recycling plastic and saving natural resources.

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200 participants from 49 countries from all over the world took part in the event, but it was her idea that attracted attention of judges and scholars,

"We have a new method for recycling plastic waste. We solve this crucial problem in a simple way - by using larvae. We are now obtaining a patent therefore we do not wish to disclose details so far. This method will help make the world cleaner. 20 larvae can eat one package during nine months," said the supervisor researcher.

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In Ukraine, nobody was interested in the organic waste disposal method. Therefore the student together with her supervisor will be cooperating with foreign investors.

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