IT in Ukraine: Ukrainian car e-auction startup gets USD one million investment

12:29 Sep. 27, 2016

Ukrainian car e-auction startup gets USD one million investment

Photo from AIN.UA

Car e-auction eTachki was launched a week ago by two Ukrainians

A Ukrainian car e-auction startup was launched last week in Ukraine, thanks to USD one million support from TA Ventures investment company. This is according to local news agency, that focuses on IT industry, AIN.UA.

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The startup, created by Serhiy Orlov and Oleh Skrypnychenko, is a platform that allows to sell used cars in as fast as 30 minutes, the authors claim.

‘Foreign analogs of the startup usually divides the procedure into several stages, generally managed by different companies. We offer our clients to follow the selling of their cars in full – from preliminary evaluation', Mr. Skrypnychenko says.

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Only authorized dealers can bid on the cars placed at auction. The creators say, this eliminates potential risks for the sellers.   

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