: Ukrainian electric vehicle plans to conquer European mass market
Business17:22 May. 20, 2016

Ukrainian electric vehicle plans to conquer European mass market

Creators say the idea was born after accidental discovery in Monaco

Mass production of electric cars is still in the future in Ukraine but it may be sooner than we think. Several car model manufacturers and designers can now proudly say they have created the first made-in-Ukraine electric vehicle. The car is composed out of mostly Ukrainian-manufactured parts.

The creators say the idea behind the vehicle was spontaneous. While on a trip to Monaco they found out that this small country doesn't have its own taxi service.

Andriy Bilyi, Electric vehicle Co-founder: "Monaco is an innovative country, most of the cars there are electric, even the corporate and city ones. And that country is considered luxury as well. When we found out the taxis come from France, we decided to pitch an idea for an electric car - and here we are."

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All of the parts including the engine and its components were made in Ukraine, the battery though is made in China. If this car goes into mass manufacturing, then the battery will be different depending on the needs and standards of the country the car is being shipped to. For now the vehicle can only travel at a speed of about 70 km/h. There's hope that with more innovation that number will change.

Monaco has yet to sign any paper work with the creators of this electric car but there are plans to travel through 25 european cities and find more investors in the upcoming months.

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