: Ukrainian Startup DonorUA wins Swedish competition

18:47 Apr. 11, 2016

Ukrainian Startup DonorUA wins Swedish competition

Ukrainian Startup DonorUA wins Swedish competition

New service facilitates search for potential blood donors

Ukrainian service for rapid contact between recipients and blood donors won the Startup Weekend: Social Innovation competition, which took place in Stockholm on March 18-20.

DonorUA project was launched almost a year ago. It is an automatized system that helps find a blood donor in just a few days or even hours. Smart filters facilitate the selection of the blood donors with the required blood type, Rh factor, as well as donors' place of residence.

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The database of the project is completed manually with the help YouScan ads on the social media networks and the contacts of volunteers. The messages to the potential blood donors are also sent manually. In general, there are 4.5 thousand blood donors registered in DonorUA system and the number is growing by 10-20 people a day.

'We offered the idea that automatic bots could interact with the project's participants. For example, we send a geographically linked, personalized messages with information that a bus designed for the blood sampling will be at your residence at certain time and day. So, particularly, 20 minutes are booked for you and all you need is to turn up,' Alexander Krakovetsky, technical director, and the startup co-founder, says.

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Founders of the DonorUA say their project can solve one of the key European problems - encouraging first-time blood donors.

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