: Ukrainian students present drones and anti-crash systems at tech expo
Tech&Science14:18 Apr. 12, 2016

Ukrainian students present drones and anti-crash systems at tech expo

Projects showcased at the exhibition are suited for military action and everyday life

Military drones, anti-crash systems and more.

Ukrainian students presented their inventions for a technological exhibition in a northern city of Zhytomyr.

Expo's participants say their projects could help in the conflict zone as well as everyday life.

This unmanned flying vehicle is the creation of the students of the local Military College. They say the drone is much cheaper in production rather than foreign analogies.

Sergiy Overchuk, exposition participator: "Its speed is 80 kilometers, and it allows to film a video during the night."

In addition, the expo featured an anti-drone system, which can target vehicles based on sound. Two other students installed a sensor on a toy car. It automatically stops the machine if an obstacle is near. Creators say similar devices could also be set up on real vehicles, not only cars but buses and trains too.

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It would be useful on the road, in various factories, it could really reduce the number of accidents and injuries.

Organizers say the devices presented here are no worse than what the country imports. The Ukrainian army is already looking to take some of the gadgets on board. Similar projects will be held in future, to attract and inspire younger population to contribute to the development of the country.

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Yaroslav Laguta, Zhytomyr Region Deputy Governor: "We fully support projects like this, we will continue to finance them as well as support the creators of the best inventions in the future."

Laguta adds best inventors will receive prize money for future projects. Military college promises to provide them all the necessary equipment.




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