: Ukrainian team wins U.S. developers' competition with ‘smart defibrillator'

12:48 May. 19, 2016

Ukrainian team wins U.S. developers' competition with ‘smart defibrillator'

During pitching stage Ciklum’s team has arranged live demonstration of the cardiac emergency case and the way its platform helps in saving lives (Photo courtesy: ciklum.com)

Newly created platform helps to save human lives

Ukrainian Ciklum's engineering team has won the IoT For Cities Hackathon at the Internet of Things World Event 2016. The contest, dedicated to the solving everyday problems of city life and improvement of future life in urban areas, took place in California on May 11-12.

Ciklum's team developed an integrated platform, which operates with the autonomous external defibrillator (AED). The platform alerts the first responders and records data which is aimed at saving human lives.

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Besides, the Ukrainian project is customized for the notification of the nearest hospitals about the accident, the location of the patient, and is able to give voice prompts to the doctors. The defibrillator is capable of asking questions about the victim's gender, age, etc.

In April 2016, Ciklum's IoT team has won the Garage 48 IoT & Machine Learning Hackathon with the ScoofyNet prototype, a network of smart connected devices using machine learning techniques. The same month Ciklum's R&D team member has won the first International NASA's Hackathon in Ukraine with a jet plane for Mars investigation using CO2 from Mars surface as a jet force.

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