Smart armour: Ukrainian unmanned Spartan armoured carrier from inside (Exclusive photos)

16:57 Nov. 14, 2016

Ukrainian unmanned Spartan armoured carrier from inside (Exclusive photos)

KRAZ Spartan unmanned armoured car (photo Emil Durov/Ukraine Today)

Self-driving KrAZ Spartan personnel carrier - up close in UT photoshoot

Ukraine Today with a closer look on what is called "the first national smart special vehicle is based on the KrAZ-Spartan military armoured vehicle". The project is a result of a strong partnership between the only Ukrainian manufacturer of trucks "AutoKrAZ" and "Infocom Ltd", a company headquartered in Zaporizhia.

The Ukrainian Pilotdrive system mounted on the KrAZ-Spartan is provided with a series of special sensors used for detecting the surrounding environment, producer informs. The system uses an infrared camera with automated targeting and acquisition system, video camera with 360-degree field of view, front and rear radars for obstacle detection, distance measuring device, intelligent presence sensor with detection range of 18 m. Pilotdrive system helps the KrAZ-Spartan vehicle measure width of road and detect obstacles around. Analysis and decision system responds in the split second and the vehicle can immediately avoid obstacles.

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The self-driving KrAZ-Spartan vehicle is controlled using a tablet, "smart glove" or operator station. Real-time data is provided to vehicle through WiFi/Wimax with range from 10 km to 50 km. In addition, the self-driving vehicle is provided with SmartDrive software and hardware system and Teach-inDrive system, which remembers desired track. Coordinates for basing are transmitted from GPS satellites.

"The main objective of creating the self-driving KrAZ vehicle is to help military in a combat zone with minimizing risks and saving lives of personnel carrying out various tactical tasks. Self-driving KrAZ vehicles will carry ammunitions, food supply, fuel and medicines into the combat zone and will deliver wounded personnel to hospitals. As a rule, these trips are dangerous because of high risk to be shot down, but shooting down a small and mobile self-driving KrAZ-Spartan vehicle wouldn't be a simple task. However, even if it is the case, people will not be hurt," producers say.

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