Drone development: Ukrainian volunteers create unique multifunctional drone (photos)

11:24 Nov. 23, 2016

Ukrainian volunteers create unique multifunctional drone (photos)

New drone is developed by Matrix-UAV bureau (facebook.com/brtcomua)

Heavy-duty copter has unique characteristics and can be used by army as well as by civilians

New big drone, built by volunteer development laboratory Matrix-UAV, can operate for several hours and cover a distance of hundreds of kilometers. Also, it can carry several dozens of kilograms of freight. The bureau conducted field tests that proved the characteristics of the drone.

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The copter can be used in the army to carry guided and unguided missiles, remote-controlled machine-gun posts, radio detectors, mapping radar systems. It can also be used to demine territories, deliver munition, signal retranslation. Matrix-UAV works to adopt the drone for wounded soldiers evacuation and redeployment of special ops units.

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The drone can be useful in civilian life as well. The range of its capacities is rather broad: agriculture, extinguishing high-rise fires, patrolling, delivery of medicaments to hard-to-reach places etc.

This project, unlike other drone developments, is sponsored by a philanthropist. Usually, they are made thanks to donations of thousands of Ukrainians. 

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