: Ukrainian wins USD 100,000 grant to start tech company in US

19:03 Jun. 24, 2016

Ukrainian wins USD 100,000 grant to start tech company in US

Ivonna Dumanyan with a prototype sensor (Photo courtesy: Duke University)

Ivonna Dumayan is among 29 winners of Thiel Fellowship grant

Ukrainian entrepreneur Ivonna Dumanyan has won a USD 100,000 grant from the prestigious Thiel Fellowship to start a technology or IT company in the United States, KyivPost reports.

Launched by tech investor Peter Thiel, the fellowship awards entrepreneurs under 23 with money to help them take a break from school and instead work on building a technology or technology-enabled company.

The program's financial award – USD 100,000 – aims to help young people to learn by "doing rather than by following conventional paths like college."

The winners also receive mentorship and guidance from current and former fellows, as well as from the Thiel Foundation's network of technology entrepreneurs, investors, and scientists.

On June 22, the foundation accepted 29 new Thiel Fellows, with Dumanyan being among them.

Born in Kherson, some 341 miles from Kyiv, Dumanyan is currently living in the United States and studying at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, while simultaneously being a co-founder and CEO of BioMetrix, a company that makes a wearable sensor for athletics injury prediction and prevention.

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