Ukrainian exoskeleton wins: Ukrainian revolutionary exoskeleton wins global startup contest award

17:49 Nov. 29, 2016

Ukrainian revolutionary exoskeleton wins global startup contest award

Anton Holovachenko, the developer of an award-winning exoskeleton, demonstrates his invention (Photo: Facebook/volodymyrgroysman)

Ukrainian student, Anton Holovachenko, has presented exoskeleton for people with problems of musculoskeletal at a Robot Launch 2016

A 22-year old student of the National Aviation University Anton Holovachenko has received an Robohub Reader's Pick award on the prestigious international competition for startups, Robot Launch 2016.

A young scientist presented his project, UniExo, which is a modular exoskeleton. The developer claims that it is a revolution in technology for rehabilitation which can transform stationary medical equipment to wearable devices; it will also help to save time and money. It can improve rehabilitation with movement of people without any additional help from doctors. The device can compete with Israeli produced exoskeleton, ReWalk, but it will be significantly cheaper once it is available for mass production.

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Prime-minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman has displayed support for UniExo via his Facebook page. He congratulated the young inventor and said that he will invite the scientist for a dialogue in the nearest time. 

Even though UniExo has won the prestigious award, Robot Launch 2016 is not over yet - judges will organize a separate vote which will bring additional awards and opportunities for the contestants. 

UniExo has been developing for 2 years and it has gained more than 10 international and Ukrainian awards. In May 2016, Anton Holovachenko visited Hong Kong to work on production of pre-commercial samples of UniExo. 

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The Robot Launch is a global competition for early stage robotics, which allows contestants to pitch their ideas in the hopes of winning investment or acceleration through mentorship and industry clusters. Silicon Valley Robotics, a not-for-profit coalition of robotics companies and startups, was an organizer of the international contest.

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