An-225 video: US team presents epic video on world's largest plane – Ukrainian An-225

18:15 Sep. 22, 2016

US team presents epic video on world's largest plane – Ukrainian An-225

World's largest aircraft An-225 Mriya (UNIAN photo)

The clip was filmed with a drone camera on the territory of State Museum of Aviation in Kyiv

American Robot Riot team shared their impressions of the world's largest aircraft An-225 Mriya, reports.

"Guys published a video that shows the beauty, might and grandeur of the Ukrainian aviation giant," media outlet says.

The Robot Riot guys themselves were less serious commenting their gain: "The An-225 is so big, that even yo momma could fit inside. That means it's time to fly drones around it, above it, and all up in it. But that's not all! The crew also visits an air museum, and things get... interesting."

An-225 Mriya is the biggest and most powerful transport aircraft in the world, which was created at the Antonov state enterprise in the Ukrainian capital. Its maximum curb weight is 640 tons, length is 84 meters and a wingspan – 84.4 meters.

Last week Antonov presented first production An-178 at Ukraine Avia FestMore than 100 airplanes and helicopters were exhibited at the festival. You can have a look at them in UT's photogallery from the showcase.

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